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Wired Megapixel Camera with 16x Digital Zoom



Full Duplex 2-Way Audio

Listen and talk at the same time when connected
to an external speaker.



Dual Mode Recording

Simultaneous MJPEG and MPEG-4 streams allow
optimization of both image quality and bandwidth



Low Light Recording

0.5 lux light sensitivity allows you to capture
video in rooms with minimal lighting, making it
ideal for use in low-light environments.



Camer Surveillance For Home and Office

CAMERA SURVEILLANCE FOR HOME & OFFICE The DCS-2102/2121 is a versatile and unique surveillance solution for your home or small office. Unlike a standard webcam, the DCS-2102/2121 is a complete system with a built-in CPU and web server that transmits high quality video images for security and surveillance. The DCS-2102/2121 can be accessed remotely and controlled from any PC or notebook over the local network or through the Internet via a web browser. The simple installation and intuitive webbased interface offer easy integration with your Ethernet/Fast Ethernet or 802.11g wireless network. The DCS-2102/2121 also comes with remote monitoring and motion detection features for a complete and cost-effective home security solution.


Wireless G Connectivity

The DCS-2121 offers both 802.11g wireless and Ethernet/Fast Ethernet connectivity, making the DCS-2121 easy to integrate into your existing network environment. The DCS-2121 works with a 10Mbps Ethernet based network or 100Mbps Fast Ethernet based network for traditional wired environments and works with 802.11g routers or access points for added flexibility. The Site Survey feature also allows you to view and connect to nearby wireless networks.

Snapshort, Recording and Storage

Using the Snapshot and recording features, you can save snapshots and record video and audio directly from the web browser to a local hard drive without installing any software, making it convenient to instantly capture any moment from a remote location. The DCS-2102/2121 allows you to record directly to a local network area storage device without the use of a dedicated PC for storing recorded video.

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