DCS-100 (D-ViewCam)

IP Camera Surveillance Software


D-ViewCam IP camera surveillance software is a comprehensive surveillance system designed to centrally manage multiple IP cameras for Home, Small Office and Home Office (SOHO), or Small and Medium Business (SMB) users. Supporting up to 32 IP cameras, D-ViewCam is compatible with all current D-Link IP cameras, Video Servers and offers digital monitoring and recording capabilities of video, audio, and events for various security applications. This software provides users with a wide array of features for added convenience, including video recording, playback, video live view, offering users a powerful surveillance software that's easy to use.

Live Monitoring & Management

D-ViewCam provides users with an advanced user interface that is clear and easy to use. D-ViewCam allows users to manage up to 32 IP cameras on one screen, while displaying real-time operating information from the camera on the main screen. Map mode allows users to arrange a map of camera location and orientation, and the device tree lists cameras connected to the interface to assist management. Additional features such as auto-patrol, rotate, zoom, and focus provide users with optimal control over their video surveillance. Even users could monitor or playback the videos through MS-IE browser.

Video Recording & Playback

D-ViewCam offers users scheduled, motion and manual recording options to meet their specific individual needs. Scheduled recording allows the camera to record at specific times set by the user, and manual recording lets the user start and stop recording whenever they want. It also offers the multiple scheduling modes. Users can define the recording schedule for each camera on a day by day basis. Recorded files can be searched by video type and selected within the user interface where the files can be played, edited, and converted into AVI or ASF files; freeze-frame and snapshots can also be taken to create pictures from the recorded files.

System Configuration

The comprehensive features of D-ViewCam are designed to meet the needs of home and business settings. The auto-discover function provides a quick setup of the IP cameras found on the network.

Event Action Configuration

Event Action configuration provides users with optimal surveillance and security by detecting motion occurring on the cameras or through added devices such as smoke detectors, magnetic door sensors, emergency buttons, card readers, and other I/O devices. By simply attaching one of these devices to the I/O connector of a compatible D-Link IP camera, a warning will be sent out to D-ViewCam notifying the user during the occurrence of an event. D-ViewCam also allows the user to select specific windows within the cameras view range to enhance motion detection capabilities. Users can combine event actions to customize their surveillance, trigger playing sound and I/O device, and even send e-mail notifications when an event occurs.

Video & System Database Backup

Different from save video, the backup function save everything from the playback panel, including log information. Users can start a full function playback console and load backup files into it on any PC with Windows operating system. This means users may monitor the real time video and work on the backup files on separate computers simultaneously. Otherwise, the D-ViewCam also provides DB-Tool utility to help user reconstruct, repair or relocate the databases in local drive, external drive or network drive. Through the export configurations function, users could export the configurations and take it to another PC for backup purpose. With this features, users can simply import saved configurations and avoid the inconvenience of manually re-configuring surveillance settings.

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